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Our Agents have unmatched training and support.  Each agent is assigned a Business Coach and a Transaction Coordinator.  Training is developed to compound each week for maximum retention.  We also allow time for the agent to execute the new techniques learned during each training.

Our agents learn how to market themselves and find their own leads!

Flexible Payment Planning

Let's Talk Money

Bexar Realty Group LLC is under the Brokerage Central Metro Realty

$150 Up-Front / Sign-up Fee & that's It!

No Annual Fees

No E&O Fees

No Desk Fees

No Training Fees

No T-Shirt Fees

No Marketing Fees

Residential Transaction Fee:


Colleagues Working in Office

What's Included?

- "START"  2 Day Orientation

- "INVEST" 4 Week On-Boarding Training

- "LEVERAGE" Attend "Leverage" for Extensive Social Media Training and learn how to generate you 6+ leads daily at no cost to you! 

- "DIAL IN" Weekly Meetings / Continuing Education

- "PORTAL" Online Database of recorded training, screenshots, and templates

- "GO" Marketing Pushed to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page and LinkedIn

- "ROI" One-on-One Mentorship, Goal Session & Business Plan development.  Monthly One-on-Ones with your team leader to monitor progress and adjust your plan.

-"DIVERSIFY" Learn from the best... Apartment Locating and Luxury Rentals

Training Fee


Go Team

Join Team Bexar

70/30 Split on your own Leads

50/50 Leads from Team Lead/Broker

$300 Broker Transaction fee

Get 10% off of your recruits!*

Profit-Sharing Plans Available

Expansive Documents Library

Huge Library of Training Videos 

10+ MLS Boards Available

CRM Provided

Agent Paid at funding

Transaction Coordination Available

We teach you through training

Central Metro Branded Email Address

Initial 250 Business Cards Provided

Central Metro Brokerage since 2007

Yard Sign Printable File Provided

Oversight of all of your transactions

Residential Transaction Fee 


Headshots provided.jpg


Join our City-Wide Meet up

Introduce yourself to your sphere of influence with professional photos featuring your style and personality! 



Easy to Recall

Memorable, Household name sticks with your clients.  They won't forget since they live in the County!

Yard Sign.jpg

Premium Signage

File Provided for.your Listings

Eye-Catching yard signs with call-capture riders.  Your listing will not look like every other cookie-cutter Real Estate Agent's signage.

CM-Logo Clear.png

Positive Culture

Central Metro Realty

It starts from the top!  We have a broker that maintains a positive culture and supports our growth daily.

* Starting February 1, 2022

Agents who attract other agents to sign up will us will receive 10% of the recruits commission as long as they meet the following requirements:

+ Good Standing with TREC

+ Real Estate License must be in Active Status

+ Must still be sponsored by Central Metro Realty at the time of payout

+ See your agent paperwork for more details

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